The BoostMyShop Advantage

We are a team of expert developers with personal experience as online storeowners. Familiar with the challenges that face the online merchant, we build tools to meet those challenges.


We offer Magento and Prestashop extensions that cover a wide range of domains. From marketplace to private sales, customer care, logistics, and order management, our solutions make life easier for e-commerce merchants. Our products are constantly upgraded in order to evolve with the demands of the market, our partners, and our valued customers.


We offer an unparalleled set of tools to increase the performance of your online business. Our Price and Competition Watcher and Re-pricing extensions work with Magento and Prestashop to keep your business on top.


We are proud to offer a global consulting service that supports your business with training, auditing, custom developments, and more. For more information, please contact us! Contact us !

Discover our team

Olivier, CEO

In addition to his role as BoostMyShop’s Chief Executive Officer, Olivier is a passionate developer.

He loves working with his team to build user-friendly solutions for our customers.

Marc, Sales director

Marc stays on top of the latest trends in e-commerce. He is always lending an ear to the needs of our customers.

Marc’s insight along with Olivier’s knowledge allows these two to offer you next-generation solutions !

Muriel, CFO

Muriel whips us into shape and keeps everything running smoothly.

From efficiency and deadlines to customer care, she has her hand in just about every aspect our success.

Everything must be perfect !

Géric, E-commerce Professional

Géric keeps us updated on the evolving needs of online storeowners like him, and brings a vast amount of knowledge to our developers.

Thanks to Géric, we are able to provide you with innovative e-commerce solutions!

Steve, multitask developer

Steve wears many hats for our team.

His daily tasks include fixing bugs, maintaining our services, and handling marketplaces.

And he does all of them perfectly !

Nicolas, the Tireless One

Nicolas develops our Performance Products, CARL and Smart Price.

He is constantly making improvements and upgrades so that they keep our customers ahead of the curve.

Guillaume S, ERP expert

Guillaume is our trainer on the ERP and CRM Ticket.

He is full of knowledge and is always available to answer your questions about our products.

Guillaume D, dev-ops (aka PHP Warrior)

Guillaume keeps us looking our best.

He introduces new technology to simplify our tasks so that we can focus our energy on simplifying yours.

His hobbies : grumple, discover, understand and learn.

N’hésitez pas à suivre ses aventures sur Twitter !

Murielle, eye of the tiger

Marketing executive officer, she sees everything is fine, and everything which is not.

She chooses when and how to speak to you and does everything she can to make things simpler and smooth.

It is no easy task to guide a team of developers on the marketing path, but Murielle does so with skill and aplomb.

Arnaud, front-end developer

Arnaud’s job is to make us look beautiful and he does so very well.

He loves CSS, moving buttons, and riding his motorcycle.

Laura, graphic designer

Laura is the creative force behind BoostMyShop’s interfaces and web designs. She has a trained eye and a perfectionist’s touch.

She loves to tickle developers just to move titles 5 pixels higher.

Robin, fearless developer

Thanks to him, BoostMyShop can be carried in your pocket.

Robin builds our Android applications while keeping an eye on online store management.

Jonathan, polyvalent developer

The baby of the office, Jonathan works part-time alongside his studies to maintain CARL, the Price-Watcher.

We also keep him busy working on upgrades for some of our other extensions.

He is not here all the time, so when he is, we do not hesitate to exploit him !

Mickael, the listener

Mickael is our caring Support Manager. He installs and updates extensions for our customers, resolves technical issues, and is always ready to answer your questions about BoostMyShop’s products.

We keep him with us, but he will always be here for you !