erp data migration to magento 2
erp data migration to magento 2
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ERP and Magento 2 Data Migration

With the end of Magento 1.x support in 2020, we know that Magento 2 represents the future of e-commerce. Many merchants have already migrated to the latest magento version to stay ahead of the competition.

For an online commerce site whose durability is based on the operation of an ERP, it is essential to take into account the migration of ERP data to the new Magento version in a secure and fast manner.

That's why we offer this Magento module, designed to support the migration of our ERP extension from Magento 1 to Magento 2..

Because we know each single part of the famous WMS Embedded Erp : our solution is best placed to protect and safely migrate your magento data.

Embedded ERP to Magento 2

Our migration extension Erp magento 2 allows you to:

   • Erp upgrade to Magento 2 will not make you lost registered data, everything being kept : your stock levels, your purchases information, supplier’s history, and even every shipment and orders information.

   • Erp magento 2 data migration tool : our module is designed to safely collect and transfer your Erp data from M1 to M2 to make Erp as efficient as it was on Magento 1. Why not cleaning up your old data in the same time ? You can select which information you want to keep.

   • Keep your former strategy : every company has its own Erp data based on a unique strategy. We keep and adapt your previous information to your new Magento 2 ecommerce

   • The insurance of a successful erp magento migration : with the migration service, be sure to upgrade Magento 2 with qualified Erp and Magento 2 developers

Data Migration service detail

Embedded ERP Data Migration Magento 1 to Magento 2 includes:

- Suppliers

- Products/supplier association

- Purchase orders + Purchase order products

- Stock, stock Level, and stock movements

- Warehouses

Installation Service :

Our IT service will make the Embedded ERP data migration into your staging server and Live servers, the both


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