Admin Logger (Magento 2)
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Admin Logger is the ideal solution to track user activity in your Magento2 admin panel. The extension provides answers to important questions regarding your admin panel activity:


  • Who logged in into the Magento2 admin panel? What attempts failed?
  • Who modified a certain product, category or order? When?
  • Which admin panel page is a specific user currently viewing?


Backend logins

Admin logger keeps track of all backend logins, even failed attempts.

If a login attempt has failed, you can access the user’s login information and IP address.


admin logger login magento 2


Supervision of your backend logins is essential to maintaining a secure Magento Admin Panel.

Users Navigation

With Admin Logger, you can access each user’s full navigation history for a review of all admin pages they have consulted.


admin logger naviagtion magento 2


Backend modification

Each time an item (product/ category/ customer, etc.) is created, updated or deleted in Magento2, Admin Logger saves the username, date and IP address, as well as the information that has been modified.

This is a key feature of Admin Logger and one that provides quick answers to frequent questions, for example:


  • Who updated a specific customer address?
  • Who created that category?
  • Who validated the invoice for order X?


You can also review the modified details to know exactly what was changed:


admin logger product magento 2


The icing on the cake? Admin Logger is compatible with all Magento2 extensions and has the capacity to track modifications to additional data.


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