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Connector Magento 2

Link your Magento 2 to Connect, the warehouse management system (WMS) in SaaS dedicated to eCommerce.

The open architecture of Boost My Shop Connect allows for a continual adaptation of your work environment to accompany the growth of your eCommerce activity

With Boost My Shop Connect ERP, adopt a multipurpose solution of warehouse management 100% compatible with Magento 2.

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How to associate Magento 2 and Connect ?

In only a few clicks, select in your account the integration with Magento 2. Configure the access and integrate instantly the feed coming from your Magento 2 site to Boost My Shop connect. The synchronisation allows for a simplified and optimised work process, procurement, advanced stock management, planning and order preparation, to benefit your clients.

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Magento 2 for Connect

Synchronise the entirety of your catalogue’s products with customer orders from your online website or from another sales channel directly in Boost My Shop Connect

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Connect through Magento 2

Receive in Magento 2 the shipped status of customer orders including tracking information to instantly notify the receiver. Benefit from automatic in/out stock updates.

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Coming soon

Connect & Magento 2
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Find how to manage the integration of Magento 2 in Boost My Shop Connect : establish the link between your Magento 2 store and benefit from the tools to manage the stocks and ship orders.

Advantages of a connection directly in Magento 2

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Up to date data

Benefit from real time updates. Connect receives and synchronises the data coming from your Magento 2 site.

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Greatest returns

Avoid manual imports, never ending copy and paste, and save time and money. With automatisation, reduce the risk of errors by zero!

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Your resources maintained

No more site speed reductions, reduce server charge for your Magento 2 site. Avoid conflicts due to installations of extensions on your Magento 2 site. Boost My Shop Connect is based entirely on the Magento 2 API and requires zero installations on your server.

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More sites or magento 2 instances ?

Boost My Shop Connect manages and synchronises orders issued by multiple Magento 2 sites and servers.

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Client Satisfaction

In real time provide your clients with stock information, order statuses, and their tracking information.

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