Magento Embedded ERP and Shipworks

erp shipworks

Embedded ERP by Boostmyshop is a fully integrated solution to handle stock management, purchasing and order preparation for Magento.

Shipworks is a windows software that prints live shipping labels for all major carriers in USA using your existing shipping account : it supports UPS, Fedex, USPS, i-Parcel, onTrac ...

You can now use both solutions to build an affordable, efficient and simple order fullfilment process for your Magento website.


How does it work ?

Boostmyshop provides an extension to handle the communication between Embedded ERP and Shipworks : each time you process an order in Embedded ERP, shipment information are downloaded by Shipworks that uses your rules to select the best carrier and directly print the shipping label. Once the label is printed, Shipworks send to Embedded ERP the tracking information, and send an email to your customer with the tracking link.

Let's see the full process in action :

1. Print the picking list from ERP

erp shipworks picking list

2. Process packing in ERP

With a simple USB Barcode scanner plugged to your computer, scan the picking list : ERP display the products you need, scan product barcodes to validate the picking, and confirm the packing !

erp shipworks packing

3. Order is packed, shipworks download shipment information

Shipworks automatically download the order information, you can then print the shipping label using the best shipping method

erp shipworks orders erp shipworks shipping label

4. Shipworks send tracking information to ERP

Shipworks upload tracking information to ERP, you can then notify customers with tracking link

erp shipworks tracking