The Orchid Boutique uses Embedded ERP


Company introduction:

The Orchid Boutique is a fashion e-boutique specializing in women’s luxury swimwear & accessories. Based out of Miami, FL, our ecommerce platform strives to offer a cherry-picked selection of unique items for fashionable women. Through avant-garde techniques, personalized service, and an introduction of new brands into the worldwide market, The Orchid Boutique has experienced rapid growth in just over four years of business.

Extension Review:

I cannot say enough good things about Maison du Logiciel and its extension ERP. In 2009, our business had completely outgrown our archaic OS Commerce system, which didn’t have any of the vital features we needed to handle our processes, such as backorders, stock movement tracking, inventory management, etc. I still remember the first time my business partner introduced me to this extension. He said, “ERP has everything we’ve ever wanted to have, and more.” We were quite concerned after we had begun our migration to Magento because we realized the native functions could not support our needs without exhaustive customizations. ERP was a brilliant business solution that used an almost psychic approach to fulfilling the needs of a growing business like ours. Maison du Logiciel has been extremely helpful in acting as a consultant to our US developers and many times proactively guiding them into implementing requested functionalities. I do not know of a better extension in Magento to handle order fulfillment and inventory management. I highly recommend it to any ecommerce platform experiencing the aching growing pains of higher volume or demand. I am even happier to realize that Maison is constantly thinking of ways to improve their product by introducing frequent releases with a surprising amount of new & vital features. I am more than grateful to MDL for their flawless ethic, quick responses, and proactiveness in their support.

Lupux uses Embedded ERP


Company introduction:

LupuX is a rapidly growing Dutch online shop which sells all kinds of stuff. Toys, gadgets, clocks, T-shirts, games, DVD's and all other things you can think of. Since being the biggest shop on internet is an impossible mission, we're aiming on a high level of customer support. Our customers keep our shop alive. The network of LupuX includes in total 3 shops.,, for all your CD's and DVD's and, a new shop for all kinds of theme park items (even tickets).

Extension Review:

Since we've moved on to another shopping system, Magento, we also wanted to improve the our stock information. We came across the ERP system of MaisonDuLogiciel which is perfect for us. We now can manage all our shops within one system. Even our two warehouse locations can be easily put into this system. Finally something about MaisonDuLogiciel, the support we're getting from these guys is amazing. All our questions are answered very quickly and the solutions they're offering are great. No problem since then with this great ERP system. We can recommend it to every Magento based shop.

OZHut uses Embedded ERP


Company introduction:

OZHut is one of Australia's premier niche online retailer. Operating 10 different stores in different niche verticals ranging from telescopes, swiss army knives, bubble wrap, gadgets and more, OZHut's mission is to serve the Australian online retail market with a buyer focused experience, kick-ass customer service and destination sites which can be easily found. Our network of sites include a few high flyers such as , which is Australia's #1 Telescopes, Binoculars & Optics Online Retailer and , one of Australia's premier Gadgets store, featuring gadgets and gifts for guys.

Extension Review:

As a fast growing company, we experienced the pains of lacking a good system to manage our inventory and ordering processes. Many potential solutions were either too expensive or overtly simple and therefore not suitable for our business. Also, as we use Magento, many systems did not integrate very well with the system and the integration solutions in themselves were costly. When we stumbled upon Embedded ERP from MaisonDuLogiciel, we thought we were half dreaming as we found a system that could provide us what we needed at this stage of our business and at a reasonable cost as well. Ever since we implemented the module, we've found our ordering processes to be more efficient, our inventory management to be more accurate and our accounts team get to celebrate the fact that a sizable chunk of their work is now being automated. As such, we've been able to focus on growing our business which is expected to record a growth of 500% in June 2010 since the last financial year. Thank you to the Maison Du Logiciel team for their excellent service and professionalism throughout the whole implementation process.

Stortle utilise Embedded ERP


Présentation de la société: propose une gamme très large de produits pour votre maison. Vous trouverez toutes sortes d'articles : électroménager, matériel de cuisine, linge de maison, bricolage, décoration, jeux vidéo, jouets pour enfant, multimédia, image & son, informatique, loisirs, jardinage et équipement automobile.

Embedded ERP, retours d'expérience

Grâce au module de gestion des achats, stock, et logistique, nous avons réussi à combler l'une des plus grandes faiblesses de Magento selon nous : la gestion des commandes.

Nous importons dans Magento nos commandes en provenance de plusieurs sites. Grâce à Embedded ERP, nous pouvons en 2 clics avoir une sélection des commandes complètes et incomplètes. Cette extension nous permet également d'éditer nos factures, générer nos expéditions et nos étiquettes transporteurs, et enfin passer nos commandes vers nos différents fournisseurs (très utile, surtout s’ils sont nombreux).

C’est sincèrement une révolution pour nous, car gérer plusieurs centaines de commandes avec un Magento « from scratch » est tout simplement un cauchemar. La gestion de a ainsi été grandement facilitée depuis que nous utilisons Embedded ERP, grâce à un gain de temps considérable. L’équipe de Maison du Logiciel est quant à elle super réactive en plus d’être sympathique.

A recommander.


Wyrix uses Product PDF


Company introduction:

12Magento offers hosting on servers specially configured for Magento. Each server does not serve more than five webshops, so that the webshop will have the highest availability for the customers. We always install Magento for our merchants in the delivery of the package. Our experts can also help you with your lay-out and with setting up your webshop.

Extension Review:

We've used the extension for one of our merchants to generate an offline product catalog based on the products and information of the webshop. This way, our merchant does not have to change prices and information twice.

It took little time to set up the extension and we could change the design of the PDFs easily by changing the code, using the documentation of Zend PDF. Now the design of the PDFs is in line with the design of the webshop, people recognize the style of the company immediately and could download the product catalog from the site. If needed, the merchant can print it to send it by regular mail.

We really can recomend this extension!


BtoB Informatec utilise le module Devis


Présentation de la société :

BtoB Informatec propose une large gamme de produits de communication, de vidéosurveillance, de lecteurs/douchettes code-barres et d’une offre informatique/péri-informatique. Notre société est principalement dédiée aux clients BtoB, mais aussi au BtoC sur la gamme de vidéosurveillance et informatique/Péri-informatique. Nous travaillons directement avec les principaux acteurs du marché (Acksys, Axis Communications, Bosch, Sony, Datalogic (pour les lecteurs/douchettes code-barres), Apple, Sony, Fujitsu-Siemens, Acer, Samsung, Canon, Toshiba, SMC, Philips, NEC, Microsoft

Module Devis, retours d'expérience :

Notre business étant consacré principalement aux sociétés PME/PMI/installateurs et les offres étant très concurrentielles sur ce marché, presque toutes nos demandes clients font l’objet d’une demande de prix spécifiques auprès de nos Fabricants. C’est pour cela que nous avons opté pour le module de devis clients de la Maison du Logiciel. Notre métier étant très spécifique, la Maison du Logiciel a su adapter en un temps record nos demandes particulières: Relance des devis clients (automatique et/ou manuelle, affichage de la marge résultante par ligne,….) Actuellement, nous pensons que c’est le meilleur module de devis existant sur la plateforme Magento et l’équipe de la Maison du Logiciel est très réactive.


Right On Canvas uses Smart PDF


Company Introduction :

Right On Canvas believes that every photo deserves to be a photo on canvas. We create customized photos on canvas with dynamite quality, far out service by talented designers, & craftsmanship that flat out rocks! Happy Photos, Happy Folks, Happiness Guaranteed!

Smart PDF review :

Being in a business that is all about image, we needed a solution to the default Magento invoices. We found SmartPDF the best solution to our problem. It was easy to install, easy to setup and implement into our workflow. Now our customers have a good looking, easy to read invoice to print or save to their computer. Thanks for the great extension!


Marine Deals uses Quotation and Product Return


Company Introduction :

Marine Deals is an online retailer of fishing tackle, boating and diving gear and marine electronics. Every Monday the Marine Deals Newsletter email includes our 6 amazing deals for the week, the hottest fishing spots and bite times. Launched less than 1 year ago, Marine Deals is now one of New Zealand’s leading online fishing tackle stores.

Extensions review :

We use the Product Return and Quotation extensions developed by Maison du Logiciel. We've found the extensions to be well designed and are now providing real value to our business. We're grateful for the assistance and flexibility in getting these running.

Maison du Logiciel is unique in that they understand all aspects of running an online retail business. At Marine Deals we believe integrating business process with the Magento store will provide us a real competitive advantage. We're looking forward to implementing the POS and Embedded ERP extensions very shortly.

Maison du Logiciel have been a crucial partner in the continued growth of our business and we wish every success to Olivier and his team.

Taileron BV uses Point of Sales


Company Introduction :

Taileron is a software company in the Netherlands. We are specialized in building ePublishing and webapplications using Open Source Software.

Point of Sales Review

For one of our customers, we implemented a Magento webshop. One of our biggest challenge was to use the webshop not only for e-commerce but also in a physical store as cashregister. Our customer needed one system (webshop + cashregister with barcodescanner) and not a seperate cashregister system.

We were thinking about developing our own extension and then came across the "Point of Sales" extension of Maison du Logiciel which was brand new at that time. In the beginning there were some bugs and missing functionalities but we decided to purchase the extension and give it a try. We reported the bugs on the forum and they were fixed very fast and the response was excellent. This month (sept 2010) our wish, the use of a barcodescanner has been optimized, just what we needed!

We still have some wishes for new features and Maison du Logiciel have put them on their roadmap. The Point of Sales extension is a nice and usefull extension, you should give it a try!