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Note : this module requires Embedded ERP to work

Note : this module is not compatible with Shelf life for ERP

Chaotic storage is a Magento addon Embedded ERP allowing you to manage several bin locations by product by warehouse

Chaotic storage is a storage method improving your stock management and optimizing the picking process. Products locations are set to available empty spaces or random ones in the warehouse.

Most advanced Warehouse Management Systems such as Amazon are using this storing Method : Save time during storage and order preparation process, be more flexible and optimize your warehouse free space.

Employees haven't to remember products locations so they are able to increase their efficiency and speed.
Improve now your warehouse’s efficiency with Chaotic storage !

Main features:

  • Configure available bin locations per warehouse
  • During PO reception, assign quantities to locations
  • During order preparation, the pick sheet automatically assign the bin location to use for each product items
Screen Chaotic Location Directory

How does it work ?

Once installed, you need to configure the available shelf location for each warehouse : you can manually do it or import a csv file with all locations:

Then, every stock movement created in ERP will have 2 additionnal information : the source location and the target location:

Screen Chaotic storage Stock movement

During the purchase order reception, the system will ask you to distribute incoming products to the different shelf location with a quantity for each one

Select an order and get accurate location of products to pick, then print the picking list with quantity, product, location per order

During order preparation, the pick list automatically assign the location to order items, to help picker to take the product to the closest location

The stock take feature is also compatible with the chaotic storage, asking you to scan the products in every location it is

Embedded Erp Compatibility :

Embedded Erp
• Retrieve every stock movement of a product and its localisation directly to ERP

Stock Take by ERP
• Do the Stocktaking with more accuracy : you can scan products per emplacement and warehouse location
• Get an accurate csv file with every warehouses, products, quantity and localisation

Mass stock editor
Available soon


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