Customer Service Care with Magento: a Key factor of success

The quality of service you provide to your customers is now a major factor in success. The balance between your brand and customers' expectations is essential to achieve your business goals.Your customers need a local service to solve problems effectively.

Comprehensive and scalable functionality to stick better to the expectations of your customers

Incident Management

Resolution of complaints and incidents of customer service must be fast and efficient. Track and manage all correspondence, documents, contacts, conversations and reminders with quality . Using predefined answers, predefined signatures and the Wysiwyg text editor, CRM Ticket ensures a high level support.

Context of the client

Your team should be able to handle a variety of problems :

  • Does it risk losing the client?
  • Is this a candidate for an additional cross-selling or ?
  • A rich and relevant view of customer data provides your team all necessary information to enable it to meet its quality requirements and manage your reputation .


Knowledge Management

Management tools, customer relationship management (CRM ) help you to harness the collective knowledge of your organization in a centralized knowledge base .

Collect best practices and valuate your teams to constantly have the right answers to solve problems .

Share relevant information with your customers so they can find the solution by themselves at any time and wherever they are.

Our functionality enables you to view crucial customer information while you craft your responses without navigating to another window. When you are replying to a thread, you may instantly view all customer main information, order receipts, and customer sales history.

Everything is configurable through the administration of CRM Ticket module for your customer service work in the best conditions.


Track your Customer Service Representative efficiency

Just an email to the customer to interact with the customer service!

Customers can simply use their email, or offered on the site forms to choose from.

  • This allows them to easily access support in any situation and place, with the terminal they have at the moment
  • Similarly, their notifications are sent by email, and they just need to answer directly
  • Some customers are almost never use the interface provided on the site

This is a fundamental point of CRM Ticket, which allows you to manage the multi-channel easily by putting the scope of the client.

Setting queue and routing

The customer service is a team sport. Multichannel coordination ensures that customer interactions are managed effectively between team members.

  • The customer can only uses is email, or forms online. The customer service team has a global 
  • Automatically assign tickets to the right department / employee
  • Simplifies collaborative work for your team


Automation of business processes via workflow

Automate routine tasks so that your advisors can focus on higher value activities. CRM Ticket allows you to optimize efficiency, streamline processes and power your e-commerce system with ease.

  • Improves your staff’s efficiency
  • Facilitates the process so that every inquiry is directed straight to the appropriate department (or rep), and is responded to in a timely manner


Planning Service

Have a quality service through planning capabilities and identify the people and tools needed to solve, and offer them to your customers adequately.

  • Maximize your time and use of your resources
  • Improves the quality of you customer service delivery



Reports valued to monitor the activity of your customer service and optimize.



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CRM Ticket is a Magento extension to manage all the communication with existing and potential clients and organize the customer service process.