Support rules


  • Support is available during your licence validity. No support will be provided after your licence expiration.
  • Support is relative to the usage of our extensions, including bugs that can happend. Customizations of extensions are not included in support.
  • The team behind the support is available for you during working days (Monday to Friday), and working hours (GMT+1, 9AM - 12AM, 2PM - 6PM) througth the tickets only.
  • We commit to provide you an anwser within 4 hours, however, the average answer time during working hour is 1h.
  • Please understand we don't do any support on Magento native features or on Magento understanding, but only on our products.
  • Tickets have to be opened with the account which you purchased the extensions, we will not provide any support if we can't check your licence in first.

Best pratices

In order to provide you a quick and efficient support, please follow a few rules :

  • Perhaps the answer of your question si already available online ! Please check the user manual
  • If you have multiple question to ask , please open a ticket by subjet, doing that will help us to share your question to the person the most qualified internally.
  • Please provide a maximum of informations about your envirronnement : at least Magento version, modules version of our products.
  • Please give clear explanation and simple examples, complete error messages, reproducible scenario, screenhots or any other videos.
  • If a problem appears suddenly, please tell us directly if something has changed recently on your system (Module installation or update, new cache etc...)
  • Please do not send access to your system if we don't asked for. Please send only temporary access

Lifecycle of ticket

After the ticket has been open, you will recieve a mail when there is an answer on it.

Once you get the answer of your initial question, please close the ticket. If you have another question, please open a new ticket.

If a ticket remain without any answer after 4 weeks, it will be automatically closed