Admin Logger for Magento
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Admin Logger is a Magento extension designed to log every change that is made on Magento back office such as products, categories, tax creation, changes or deletion. Each action is logged with data and user so you have a history of the actions and know exactly which user did what and when.

Several actions are logged :

  • When an admin user login
  • All magento models insert, update, delete (products, category, customer, sales, invoice,shipment, review ....)
  • Works with other extensions models (erp, quotation ...)


All was GOOD


by Miroslav Budis




by Thierry Guion

Qui a fait quoi ? Ce module est parfait. Il permet de remonter à la source de certains problèmes de gestion et d'administration. un Must have :)



by Shaun longhurst

Great extension for working out how did what.

Analyse du service Admin logger


by alexandre aich

Le service est efficace pour tracer toutes les actions effectués sur l'interface Magento, mais pour les décoder c'est une autre affaire. Le produit ne s'adresse qu'a des personnes féru de magento qui comprennent parfaitement les actions qui sont réalisés sur Magento. Un exemple : 28 déc. 2011 16:56:33 marylinefaucher purchase/orderproduct (id 323) Modification pop_supplied_qty ch ...



by Se sex gmbh

We do have several employees working on magento : admin logger is very helpfull to Know who changed product information, create order or managed category. We had a few issues at the beginning due to our heavily customized magento but maison has been very responsive and helpfull 5 stars rated !

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