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Magento Canonical URL SEO extension is designed to limit duplicate content and also to improve pageRank.

It set one canonical url for some urls which would be considered like duplicate content.

Some examples

General,, have the same master url which would be :

Pager and search have for matser url :

(We keep pager and search parameters in the canonical url)

Pager first page

It takes care about the first page url generate by the pager : replace by

Package content

Standard Pack
  • Extension : during one year, you can download all the latest release. It includes Open Source Code without any encryption or obfuscation.
  • Support : during one year, you can use the Boostmyshop ticketing system for any question related to the extension installation and use. We commit to bring an answer under 24 hours, most of the time, we reply under 2 hours during open hours (9am to 6pm French time, from Monday to Friday).

Turn Key Pack = Standard Pack plus:

  • Installation : Boostmyshop experts can perform the module installation on your staging server, and then on your production server. Installation service includes technical installation, we check any conflict with other extensions to ensure a correct behaviour, we perform full tests to ensure that our extension works fine and last, we help you to configure it. Installation includes a 3 month warranty with direct work on your server.

Full Pack = Turn Key Pack plus:

  • Training : using skype and screensharing software, our extension expert gives you the main keys to understand how to use our extension the best way according to your business processes. Training last between 1 and 3 hours, depending of the extension.


simple pour un bon SEO


by Nils GIRARD

simple pour un bon SEO

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