What a great experience

by Ole

Been using Embedded ERP for a little over 3 months and I must say that working with purchasing, orderhandling and feeling in control of my business in general has increased A LOT! We have been able to cancel a subscription on an expensive warehouse extension on our Accounting software, and over all it has been a smooth ride getting the system installed and set up. Whenever there has been challenges we have contacted BMS and usually within a few hours help has arrived. Even questions regarding other modules installed has been answered with deep technical knowledge from the guys doing support. Should I start all over on a new shop, Embedded ERP would be among the first extensions I would get.

Posted on 7/18/2017 about
Embedded ERP

The Best Inventory Management System Available

by Roy Myers

The Embedded ERP system has saved us time, money and greatly improved the poor Magento inventory system.

Posted on 2/2/2016 about
Embedded ERP


by Jean-Hugues Delhaye

Ce module couvre l'ensemble de la partie achat, totalement inexistante dans Magento. Il permet d'anticiper les ruptures de stock et d'afficher de manière très personnalisée les notifications de stock en front (délais...). Un outil indispensable, très bien pensé et disposant d'un support technique hors pair.

Posted on 1/14/2016 about
Embedded ERP

Works perfect, multisite magento installation with multiple warehouses

by James Davies

I have Embedded ERP running on a multisite installation with multiple warehouse and it works perfectly. Customer service is super fast and really helpful. Thankyou Very Much! Highly recommended

Posted on 8/26/2015 about
Embedded ERP

Embedded ERP is a must for e-commerce shop owners

by Fred Bornatici

Embedded ERP is a must for people that want to be serious about e-commerce and start building a striving business. Easy to install, future reach and well priced extension that cut down our work load by 20%. It takes sometimes to get used to it and make the most of all its potential but is worth wide the effort. This guys are second to none when it comes to customer service, they were to quick to get back and answer our queries. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

Posted on 3/31/2015 about
Embedded ERP

A must-buy !

by Steve Casselman

I would recommend any App from BoostMyShop ! The support we have received has been second to none ! This extension has helped us run our business by allowing us to control complex inventory, and the BoostMyShop customer service is truly exceptional !

Posted on 3/23/2015 about
Embedded ERP

Professional and Responsive

by Robert Bowen

This is the best ERP solution for Magento users. The Embedded ERP product allowed us to use hand held scanners to make our fulfillment process fast. BoostMyShop did some customization for us to fit our needs. Their developers are EXCELLENT and easy to work with. Highly recommend this product.

Posted on 3/23/2015 about
Embedded ERP

Everything went acordingly!

by Doru Morar

Everything went acordingly!

Posted on 1/19/2015 about
Embedded ERP

Exactly what I needed

by Andrew

Out of the box Embedded ERP has vastly simplified our work. Inventory management and purchasing functions are now controlled within Magento eliminating the need for interfaces and data duplication. This is a great solution.

Posted on 12/31/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Risk for live system

by Ying Miao

I would like to buy it again later with the installation service. Because our system is already go-live and even i am a programmer the installation seems to riskful for a live system. I thought the installation is easy like the other plugin. But certainly embedded ERP is powerful and customized deepliy in the core, still it will be for the customer better if they do not need to worry about too much when they read the installation documentation. Thank you for the great plug in and hopefully i will come back next year till our system run stablly. Regards Milkar

Posted on 12/17/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Exactly what I was looking for

by Joe Phillips

My client has a small shop, and he wanted his ERP fully integrated with a shopping cart. We downloaded and installed several ERPs ... all of them too complicated for his small setup. Embedded ERP + their POS extension do everything my client needs ... and using one interface. Support has been quich and effective. I highly recommend their products.

Posted on 11/11/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Very happy with my purchase

by Erion Domi

Embedded ERP is a very powerful tool, it is very stable and the stuff is very helpful and will answer to all of your question. Will reccomend to my friends for sure. Thank you!

Posted on 10/19/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Application très adaptée

by Jean-Hugues Delhaye

Embedded ERP répond à 95% de nos besoins tel qu'il est configuré une fois installé. Ce module est puissant et plein de potentiel. C'est évident qu'il a été développé sur la base de réels besoins d'e-commerçants, et qu'il solutionne de façon pragmatique les situations concrètes du e-commerçant d'aujourd'hui. Il possède de nombreuses fonctionnalités pour lesquelles il faut prendre le temps de régler la finesse. Nous avons choisi la version installée avec formation et nous sommes ravis du professionnalisme de l'équipe de Boostmyshop : compétents, ponctuels et à l'écoute des demandes spécifiques. Nous recommandons autant le module que l'équipe.

Posted on 10/8/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Great Extension !

by Bart Bockweg

This is what every magento shop owner needs. This extension is what we needed.

Posted on 5/27/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Gives and takes a lot

by Thomas M

The module is very huge and needs you to set it up carefully and test it a lot. If you are just starting with your shop/business you probably won’t need a lot of it, but if you have experience, you might love the module sometimes and hate it the other times, because of the many functionalities and options. We needed some time to set it up and to get to know the possible workflows, but now we think it was the right choice to decide for this solution. The support answered all of our questions in a reasonable time. Still, the usability of the support section and documentation could be improved a lot.

Posted on 2/14/2014 about
Embedded ERP


by Bensoussan Moshe

Rien à dire, le module ultime !!

Posted on 2/12/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Many features, good support

by Ole Christian

This extension covers a lot of logistical needs. In addition, the support is very good in explaining how to set the ERP up for you specific company. Money well spent.

Posted on 1/29/2014 about
Embedded ERP

Chainon manquant :)

by Fabrice Fetsch

Facilite la préparation des commandes, la gestion de stocks et ajoute qqs notions indispensables à l'utilisation de magento en environnement de production et de vente. Support réactif et bon produit... bref... si votre boutique prend du volume c'est un incontournable !

Posted on 12/20/2013 about
Embedded ERP

Just what we needed

by Azer Mahmood

These guys know their stuff. Their extensions are not your normal run of the mill - but complicated bits of software - it is the main reason why we use magneto. They offer excellent & friendly support - keep up the good work!

Posted on 11/14/2013 about
Embedded ERP


by Robert

I could go on for ages. Simple thing to say is that this extension is essential.

Posted on 9/19/2013 about
Embedded ERP

Fantastic extension & Unbelievable support!

by Casper Nielsen

If you don't have a large ERP system attached to your Magento webshop, you will need the Embedded ERP. The Extension works perfectly, but the documentation could be a lot better. However, what the documentation is lacking, the support is giving. Best support i have ever tried, and again brilliant management module!

Posted on 8/22/2013 about
Embedded ERP

Très bien

by Sébastien Mirsky

Pas encore 100% optimisé mais on se retrouve devant un produit très bien fini et très efficace.

Posted on 3/25/2013 about
Embedded ERP

module incontournable

by Albert Layani

bon module mais besoin d'une formation car opas évident à prendre en main.

Posted on 3/12/2013 about
Embedded ERP

c'est lourd a installer mais c'est bien pour ma gestion de stock

by Nils GIRARD

ca marche a merveille gestion de stock, alerte achat calcul prix d'achat, rien a dire, juste a profiter

Posted on 2/21/2013 about
Embedded ERP

I can recommend

by Micha? ?agodzic

It takes some time to understand and configure the module, but it's very useful and greatly organizes flow of work. If you have some bigger turnover it's must-have.

Posted on 2/21/2013 about
Embedded ERP


by zanshin

Le complément nécessaire à Magento, nous traitons nos achats ainsi que nos réassorts très facilement. Une équipe technique parfaire à l'installation, nous recommandons haut et fort cette extension. Un grand merci à l'équipe Boost My Shop.

Posted on 1/17/2013 about
Embedded ERP

Nous aurions du nous équiper bien avant!!!

by Alexandre Fevre

Nous avons longtemps hésité avant de faire acquisition de votre Embedded erp. Nous avions testé d'autre solution ERP. Mais nous avons opté pour votre solution pour son coté simple, rapide, facile à prendre en main et abordable. Nous sommes pleinement satisfait de ces performances et de son efficacité. Nous apprécions toutes les nombreuses fonctionnalités offerte dans embedded erp : le scanner, le code barre, la préparation de commande, mcc, les achats, l'organizer, le calcul des besoins d'appro... Bref, un très bonne investissement. Enfin, merci pour votre support.

Posted on 1/14/2013 about
Embedded ERP

A very good upgrade made alot of difference thanks raj.

by Rajiboy

We needed something to handle our stock and most importantly purchase orders. This did the work not only well, but professionally. A real big thank you to the company and support they provided, any questions we have are very quickly handled

Posted on 1/4/2013 about
Embedded ERP

Great Product!

by Maria Conejero

The ERP is simply the best! If you are a small online commerce with a small shop it is the best extension! Integreated with the POS and RMA works perfect and quit you hundreds of troubles!

Posted on 11/14/2012 about
Embedded ERP

Indispensable !

by Thierry Guion

Indispensable, tout comme la formation par boostmyshop.

Posted on 10/9/2012 about
Embedded ERP

Simply the best! ;)

by Kay Beudeker

Love it! 5/5 stars!

Posted on 9/20/2012 about
Embedded ERP


by Michel Braun

overall a very good solution for a fair price.

Posted on 7/16/2012 about
Embedded ERP

Very good..

by Frans Dijksterhuis

It took some time to get ERP running maar now it works. Unfortunately is a little bit overkill for a small shop like us. You could do a lot of Magento users a favour by creating a light version only to manage the stock, but without the purchase part.

Posted on 2/17/2012 about
Embedded ERP

Great Add On

by Markus Gysel

Easy installation, simple and clear menus, very good overviews for purchase orders, sale orders and stock movment. I won't miss it anymore! I'm very satisfied. Thanks.

Posted on 2/9/2012 about
Embedded ERP



Ce module est tout simplement indispensable dès qu'un certain volume de commande journalier est atteint! Grâce à Embedded ERP, il a été possible de suivre la croissance sans accrochage.

Posted on 1/19/2012 about
Embedded ERP

Outil ERP totalement intégré à notre plateforme Magento

by Créadomia

Nous avons lancé Creadomia.com en mai 2011 et nous proposons aux internautes une expérience unique dans le monde du mobilier intérieur : qui est de configurer en ligne son meuble en le visualisant en temps réel et en le commandant directement à prix d’usine. Fort de cette innovation forte, nous souhaitions gérer en temps réel et avec un minimum d’actions humaines notre logistique externalisée et nos différents fournisseurs, actions qui constituent notre valeur ajoutée face à une concurrence importante. Nous avons trouvé en la solution « Embedded ERP » de La maison du logiciel et leur équipe, une analyse pointue de nos besoins et un outil ERP totalement intégré à notre plateforme Magento. Le gain en a été immédiat, tant au niveau de la formation de nos équipes que des résultats obtenus vis-à-vis de nos fournisseurs. Cette solution souple, maitrisable et financièrement abordable est pour nous un des éléments fédérateurs des outils de notre plateforme Web.

Posted on 11/28/2011 about
Embedded ERP

A recommander.

by Stortle

Grâce au module de gestion des achats, stock, et logistique, nous avons réussi à combler l'une des plus grandes faiblesses de Magento selon nous : la gestion des commandes. Nous importons dans Magento nos commandes en provenance de plusieurs sites. Grâce à Embedded ERP, nous pouvons en 2 clics avoir une sélection des commandes complètes et incomplètes. Cette extension nous permet également d'éditer nos factures, générer nos expéditions et nos étiquettes transporteurs, et enfin passer nos commandes vers nos différents fournisseurs (très utile, surtout s’ils sont nombreux). C’est sincèrement une révolution pour nous, car gérer plusieurs centaines de commandes avec un Magento « from scratch » est tout simplement un cauchemar. La gestion de Stortle.com a ainsi été grandement facilitée depuis que nous utilisons Embedded ERP, grâce à un gain de temps considérable. L’équipe de Maison du Logiciel est quant à elle super réactive en plus d’être sympathique.

Posted on 11/28/2011 about
Embedded ERP

Excellent service and professionalism

by Ozhut

As a fast growing company, we experienced the pains of lacking a good system to manage our inventory and ordering processes. Many potential solutions were either too expensive or overtly simple and therefore not suitable for our business. Also, as we use Magento, many systems did not integrate very well with the system and the integration solutions in themselves were costly. When we stumbled upon Embedded ERP from MaisonDuLogiciel, we thought we were half dreaming as we found a system that could provide us what we needed at this stage of our business and at a reasonable cost as well. Ever since we implemented the module, we've found our ordering processes to be more efficient, our inventory management to be more accurate and our accounts team get to celebrate the fact that a sizable chunk of their work is now being automated. As such, we've been able to focus on growing our business which is expected to record a growth of 500% in June 2010 since the last financial year. Thank you to the Maison Du Logiciel team for their excellent service and professionalism throughout the whole implementation process.

Posted on 11/28/2011 about
Embedded ERP

We can recommend it to every Magento based shop

by Lupux

Since we've moved on to another shopping system, Magento, we also wanted to improve the our stock information. We came across the ERP system of MaisonDuLogiciel which is perfect for us. We now can manage all our shops within one system. Even our two warehouse locations can be easily put into this system. Finally something about MaisonDuLogiciel, the support we're getting from these guys is amazing. All our questions are answered very quickly and the solutions they're offering are great. No problem since then with this great ERP system. We can recommend it to every Magento based shop.

Posted on 11/28/2011 about
Embedded ERP

I cannot say enough positive things

by Orchid Boutique

I cannot say enough positve things about BoostMyShop and its extension ERP. In 2009, our business had completely outgrown our archaic OS Commerce system, which didn’t have any of the vital features we needed to handle our processes, such as backorders, stock movement tracking, inventory management, etc. I still remember the first time my business partner introduced me to this extension. He said, “ERP has everything we’ve ever wanted to have, and more.” We were quite concerned after we had begun our migration to Magento because we realized the native functions could not support our needs without exhaustive customizations. ERP was a brilliant business solution that used an almost psychic approach to fulfilling the needs of a growing business like ours. Maison du Logiciel has been extremely helpful in acting as a consultant to our US developers and many times proactively guiding them into implementing requested functionalities. I do not know of a better extension in Magento to handle order fulfillment and inventory management. I highly recommend it to any ecommerce platform experiencing the aching growing pains of higher volume or demand. I am even happier to realize that Maison is constantly thinking of ways to improve their product by introducing frequent releases with a surprising amount of new & vital features. I am more than grateful to MDL for their flawless ethic, quick responses, and proactiveness in their support.

Posted on 11/28/2011 about
Embedded ERP

Satisfait de ce premier module

by Odyssee-vins.com

Etant une entreprise ayant déjà une activité conséquente, avec un stock permanent de 600 000 bouteilles, l’ouverture d’un site internet nous a vite conduit à trouver une solution afin de s’assurer que les vins commandées par nos clients soient réellement disponibles. Pour cela nous avions besoin d’avoir une gestion de stock en temps réel. Magento étant une des plateforme e-commerce les plus performante, l’association avec le module de maison du logiciel Embedded ERP nous a permis de combler un manque de magento qui est la gestion des achats. Ce couple idéal nous a permis de déporter notre gestion de stock sur Magento et nous a permis de garantir que 100% des produits soit disponibles. Face aux autres solutions existantes, nous économisons du temps et de l’argent tout en évitant la création d’un tunnel personnalisé entre 2 logiciels (ainsi que) et de la même façon les bugs éventuelles à chaque mise à jour. La Gestion multi-dépôts, nous a permis d’agrandir les fonctionnalités de Magento. Par exemple, nous pouvons gérer des stocks qui sont encore chez nos fournisseurs mais qui nous appartiennent, améliorant ainsi notre chaîne de réapprovisionnement. De plus, la partie achat est très complète en nous permettant de répercuter des frais d’approches afin de connaître aux mieux le prix de revient de chacun des produits. Des évolutions constantes, une équipe se montrant à l’écoute et, de surcroît, réactive…je pense que le choix de l’équipe de Maison du Logiciel avec leur module Embedded ERP est à essayer inévitablement. Satisfait de ce premier module, nous avons fait l’acquisition récemment de 2 autres de leurs modules : Point of Sale & Global PDF.

Posted on 11/28/2011 about
Embedded ERP

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