Magento supports UPS webservices to provide shipping quotes and populate shipping rates in the cart. However, UPS shipping API integration is almost unexistant, hard to use and available only for the US market...

Magento Embedded ERP and Shipworks

Discover how to connect Embedded ERP and Shipworks to build an affordable and powerfull order fullfilment solution for your Magento Website...

Optimize Customer Services with Magento

The quality of service you provide to your customers is now a major factor in success. The balance between your brand and customers' expectations is essential to achieve your business goals.Your customers need a local service to solve problems effectively. Discover how to do with CRM Ticket...

Handle back orders with Magento

Backorder is the ability to sale a product that you do not have in your own warehouse, however, it can be available in your supplier warehouse for consignment or cross docking. Discover how to handle back orders with Embedded ERP...

Externalize logistic with Magento

More and more website owners decide to subcontract their stock management and logistics to a third party. However, it requires you to synchronise Magento and the logistics company's system automatically in order to keep both systems up to date. With our Embedded ERP and External Logistic plugin, we offer an embedded function to ensure synchronisation between Magento and your third party, enabling you to focus more time on your business.

Manage physical store and website with Magento

Managing a website and a physical store oftenly means having 2 different system that need to communicate to ensure sales, customers and stocks synchronisation. With Embedded ERP and Point of sales extension, we offer a embedded solution to manage everything with Magento.

Transform Magento into a WMS

Magento is a great tool for managing your product catalogue, categories, customers and checkout. However, there is a huge gap when it comes to stock management. To fix this problem, you must use a third part software (an ERP) that will properly manage stocks. However, such a solution requires synchronisation between Magento and your ERP system. The solution is our Embedded ERP, a Magento extension that enhances stock management in Magento : you don’t need any other software, everything is done within the Magento admin panel: no synchronisation, easy training and will save you lots of time. Embedded ERP is the ERP the solution with the best ROI!